Technology has been changing the way we work since we opened our doors in 1991.

Drawing boards have made way for computers – artwork with overlays are now digital files – and meeting clients, taking briefs and presenting work are now often achieved virtually.

Our studio has always been a place where clients come to discuss projects and absorb our creative atmosphere over coffee, escaping the distractions of their offices; where suppliers pop in with proofs or materials and pass the time of day. Today, most communication is via email, video calls or the good old dog and bone and visitors to the studio are few and far between. We put it down to the communication technological revolution, or, is our coffee just that awful?

It has also dawned on us how many hours we spend sitting in traffic while driving thousands of miles each year, just to reach our studio. We think this is unproductive and it isn’t helping
the polar bears or traffic congestion!

Technology has enabled us to change the way we work, again.

Our studio has become cloud hosted, and communications integrated. Now, wherever we are, we have instant access to our work, our files and each other.

As a result we have moved out of Park Farm and are working remotely. We are still available whenever and wherever we are needed, we will still be collaborating as a team, but harnessing technology to remain as effective, but even more efficient.

Same service. Same phone number. Same people.