A brand for Young people affected by incurable illness

The Background

St Elizabeth Hospice were looking to expand the services for young people affected by incurable illness. 14-25 year old people tend to fall between the two stools of children’s and adult hospice care.

It was decided to present a fresh brand identity specifically targetted at young people, to differentiate the offer from that of traditional hospice care. The opportunity could be taken to attend gatherings of young people such as festivals, to attract volunteers and promote services to a younger audience. The new brand could also be the focus of fund raising shops in areas outside St Elizabeth’s usual geographic area presenting a different kind of charity shop, more vintage in style, selling trendier clothes along with games, music and books for younger people.

The Challenge

The challenge was to promote hospice care to younger people so that they become knowledgeable and understand the services available to them, such as care and treatment for life limiting illness and also counselling for those whose families are affected. The new brand needed to sit comfortably alongside the St Elizabeth brand, but be distinctive to engage with its target and speak the same language.

Our Approach

We researched a number of names, and finally settled on Zest – a word that has the sub text of making the most of the life you have. Zest immediately conveys youthful energy and sub conciously prompts ‘for life’ as a suffix.

Our visual treatment takes the word and creates a unique logotype that is recognisable and capable of being implemented across a number of varied applications with differing levels of sensitivity.

The Outcome

Zest is now established as the young persons brand from St Elizabeth Hospice and shops are now opening selling a variety of products specifically for a younger audience.

“We all thought you’d given considerable consideration to the direction we’re looking to move in and had really thought about the audience we’re targeting and the messaging we’re looking to create.”  Helen Owen – Marketing and Communications Business Manager

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