Wright Consulting

Structural ingenuity

The Background

Alan Wright Consulting Engineers was a successful structural engineering business working on specialist conservation projects for historical buildings and structures of significant architectural interest. In 1998 his ambition was to grow the business.


One of the issues he faced was, being located in rural Essex, he found it difficult to attract skilled engineers to join the practice. He needed to demonstrate the quality of the projects he worked on and to convey a growing business with big ambition.

Our approach

The first objective we defined was to present the business as more than the man with his name above the door, so we retitled the company from Alan Wright Consulting Engineers (AWCE) to Wright Consulting Engineers.

We developed a graphic device comprising three standing sections which when viewed from certain angles, formed a ‘W’. This emphasised the ‘W’ of Wright.

We constructed the device from the many materials used within the buildings on which he worked – stone, glass, metal and even topiary.

Having a recognisable shape, the company had a logo that could be sympathetic to the projects it was representing and provided a 3-dimensional image to convey the structural elements of the work undertaken.

The outcome

The outcome of this project was surprising – Alan achieved the desired result by attracting a better calibre of applicants. However, he also attracted the attention of a much larger property services company and merged with them, taking his team to work on projects across a wider scope of sectors.

The brand identity has been given a second lease of life 20 years after its inception as Alan has resurrected his consultancy after leaving the larger company and setting up again independently.

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