Target Darts

A strategy for launching into an established market

The project: To launch a premium range of darts to an international market

The Background

Target Sports had been making product for the top flight dart brands for many years. The decision was taken to launch their own branded product. The challenge was to achieve this objective without jeopardising relationships with established customers.

Our approach

We formulated a plan with Target to enter the market by producing some of the most expensive darts produced commercially. By not competing on price customers would not feel threatened. The gift market and ‘the choice for the guy or girl who has everything’ was the starting point. We developed three distinct ranges – Precision, when only the best is good enough; Sport, for the younger market and T0.1, for the traditional player that appreciates a great thing when they see it.

Brand evaluation and definition

By differentiating between these ranges we were able to market to specific demographics and convey the brand values of Target Sports.

The outcome

Target are now a major player with their star names and darts regularly featuring in the world championships.


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