Prefect Controls

‘Cleverly simple’ presentation of range and functions

A technically complex product range needed to be presented in a simple but effective way

The project

To promote the range of technically complex products in a simple way

The background

Prefect Controls have a number of products that help landlords, particularly in student accommodation and hotels, to save money on their heating bills, but the majority of them are generic looking grey boxes screwed to a wall. The identification for products and ranges was confusing and not descriptive as serial numbers rather than names had been used. A valuable opportunity to clearly promote the features and benefits was being missed.

Our approach

We segmented the product range and grouped products more logically. We also developed names and identities for the leading products along with marketing messages and campaigns for specific audiences. We created fascia designs that gave the products an innovative hi-tech look rather than utilitarian grey boxes.

Brand evaluation and definition

The previous approach had been to promote the effectiveness of Prefect as a company (brand awareness) as opposed to marketing the individual products. By focusing on what the grey boxes could do, we were able to simplify the buying process by demonstrating the benefits directly to customers.

The outcome

Brand awareness has risen within the target market as a result of a consistent campaign. News articles and stories have regularly appeared in the trade press as a result of having a close relationship with the publishers. Prefect have never been busier, surveying, quoting and installing their products.

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