Martyn Booth Guitars

The finest hand made bespoke guitars

Martyn Booth Guitars

As some of us at Barber Jackson are keen guitar enthusiasts, we were delighted when we found a luthier as good as Martyn Booth and so close to us. Martyn has been making his acclaimed range of bespoke guitars since 2000 and is nearing the 200th model.

What makes Martyn so special is his complete understanding for all things guitar. Rather than sighting Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix as his influences, he, surprisingly, starts to talk about Newton, Faraday, Pythagorus and Euclyd, for their discoveries and the impact they have had on making music.

We have worked with Martyn on brochures, website, advertising and all the other things you would expect, but the best thing about working with him is going to his workshop and watching the pieces of wood turn into the most beautiful instruments.

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