LFF / Valvenco

Consolidating global reach


The LFF group and its sister company Valvenco have become major global players in the supply of pipes and valves to the oil industry. Consolidating the brand and its subsidiary companies became an essential component in communicating the group’s global capabilities to the wider market.


LFF/Valvenco operates in very diverse markets so the challenge was to find a ‘tone of voice’ that would suit a variety of cultures and tastes.

Brand evaluation and definition

The brand identity itself was a relatively small component in communicating the messages that the company wished to convey, so the individual websites for each company were consolidated into a group site featuring all the subsidiary companies emphasising that each was part of much larger ‘whole’. The style and tone of the site could then be rolled out to other promotional efforts in the individual markets, be they exhibitions, brochures or digital marketing.

The outcome

The company now operates much more as a co-ordinated group with a common objective that is reflected across all the component companies in their far flung locations.

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