Essex Sexual Health Services

Launching a new service

Developing values and vision for the new service


A new Essex wide Sexual Health Service has been formed. We have worked within the health sector since 1994 so we were delighted to be asked to use our experience and expertise to develop the values and vision for this new organisation.

The challenge

Provide CIC is leading a collaboration of organisations to deliver the new service, providing a full range of sexual health services for the people of Essex. The new service needed to satisfy the needs of all parties. The challenge was to present a sexual health service that is authoritative but approachable, speaks with one voice, is inclusive and open minded yet confidential.

Brand evaluation and definition

As brand strategists we developed the core values for the new service and the descriptions by which it would come to be known by.

We then translated these graphically into its brand identity and a toolkit to use to present the service to the public through marketing collateral, promotional materials and documentation for internal use throughout the service.

The outcome

Essex Sexual Health Service opened its doors in April 2016 and all participating organisations are working under one identity to communicate with the people of Essex to convey the care and advice available in all matters of a sexual nature.


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