Brand consistency at every touch point


Davonport has been designing and building high quality bespoke kitchens since 1990. Based in the heart of East Anglia, they have a thriving workshop, highly skilled craftsmen and a team of expert designers all working to create luxury, bespoke and enduring kitchens.

The challenge

Davenports strategy was to expand their range, develop manufacturing techniques and create a broader offer to enter the world of selling directly to customers who could then experience Davonport first hand, in a new showroom. They knew, ultimately, this meant a rebranding process and wanted to work with a team capable of creating the impact for success in a new marketplace, while remaining sensitive to their current trade clients’ needs.

How brand evaluation and definition helped

Our brand identity, the style of photography commissioned and the quality of the design, copy, print and finishing for their literature and advertising, has helped to re-position Davonport from being a trade supplier to providing bespoke kitchens and interiors to an affluent ‘end-user’ market.

The outcome

The company has moved to much larger premises and have opened their own showroom where they can display their craftsmanship, innovation and quality.

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