Colchester Leisure World

Investment in brand identity reduces marketing budget

The Background

Our brief was to develop a brand identity that identified the quality of facilities and service wherever there is a Leisure World touch-point.

With other facilities coming under the management of the Leisure World team it was important to affiliate these centres with the values and attributes associated with the flagship venue.

Our approach

We gained a deep understanding of the objectives and requirements, while being mindful of the project’s parameters. Our big picture analysis, combined with strategic thinking, inventive design and effective project management led to appropriate branding that works.

How brand evaluation and definition helped

By investigating the competition – private member gyms, and highlighting the benefits of Leisure World we could differentiate them: no membership fees; pay as you go plans; the breadth of activities available across all the venues and locations; professional equipment and coaching; good value. These were summed up in our ‘Active World’ logo

This refreshing brand identity and the ethos it conveys has been applied throughout the leisure facilities and across communication and promotional materials, within the Leisure World complex, as well as the sports facility. The brand identity is robust enough to include other venues, membership plans and marketing campaigns, but also allows them to maintain autonomy.

The versatility of the brand identity made it cost effective to roll out. Our involvement was not merely visual presentation, but also dealt with effective communication. We ensured that time tables were easy to understand, and programmes easy to access and book.

The outcome

A solid brand identity that links services and venues under one banner and conveys the brand’s values. The quality of communication has improved and the cost of producing marketing materials dropped as a result of standardising design and formats across all touch-points.

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