Challenger Multi Academy Trust

Instilling confidence and aspiration with design


The Challenger Trust (CT) was established in 1998 and has been working in some of the most socio-economically deprived areas of the UK. Over 100 schools and 40,000 young people have benefited from working with the trust.

With the CMAT (Challenger Multi Academy Trust) being formed it became apparent that a rebrand and stimulating marketing material was required, along with environments that reflected the unique nature of the trust’s approach to education, both in and out of the classroom.

The challenge

Our first objective was to understand the brand values that CMAT wished to convey, notably changing perceptions from the original branding of the Challenger Trust, which historically featured outdoor events and a curriculum for those who found learning to be difficult within traditional education. It was a priority to emphasise that CMAT was under the leadership of educationally experienced directors that enabled a creative curriculum within schools without losing sight of the curriculum’s importance.

The focus is creating well rounded pupil’s with renewed confidence in their future education and employment.

Our approach

Our starting point was to design a brand identity that was reflected through promotional materials that conveyed CMATs newly identified brand values, ensuring the organisation was differentiated from educational competitors without losing sight of their academic qualities.

The identity is the flag ship for their marketing material and needs to be flexible for schools that are joining, enabling them to maintain their own identities but be recognised as a part of the CMAT family.

We then developed and redesigned installations and signage for the premises. Refreshing the existing buildings and revitalising the school environments was integral in illustrating CMAT’s values to students, staff, parents and community.

The outcome

Forming strong relationships between school’s has helped them to understand the power of design, enabling positive outcomes for all involved. Schools have improved their OFSTED ratings by displaying character developing approaches to the curriculum, as a result of considered concepts and high impact design and execution.

Involvement in every aspect of the day to day, term to term activity has enabled us to design and create a broad spectrum of material, from awards evenings, academy shows, corporate reports and operational models through to school uniforms, prospectuses, lanyards and pin badges – all designed with CMATs values in mind.

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