Artisan (UK) Developments

Demystification of the developer’s role


Artisan (UK) Developments is a commercial property development company servicing the east of England. An innate understanding of the whole property market and provision of buildings places it well to deliver projects of the right specification, to the right budget for the requirements of its clients.

The challenge

In a market place where the role of ‘Developer’ can mean many different things to different audiences our task is to differentiate the company, by de-mystifying its role and presenting Artisan as a practical development partner with the knowledge and expertise to ensure the smooth operation and most efficient returns on individual projects for occupiers and landowners.

Our approach

Artisan asked us to conduct customer insight research to assess its position in the market place and to identify strategies to communicate with property agents, landowners and occupiers of commercial buildings.

We conducted interviews across these three areas, analysed our findings and determined the Artisans brand essence.


From this stand-point we were able to exemplify Artisan’s claims through evidential case studies that highlighted the issues faced in the development process and demonstrated the pragmatic approach taken to deliver projects against client needs.

The development of a new website containing examples of recent projects and in depth case studies provided a repositary for all information pertaining to Artisan’s activity.

These case studies were backed up by authoritative, expert articles placed on LinkedIn and other media to attract readers to the case studies on the Artisan website.

A google AdWords campaign was initiated to attract the right kind of traffic to the website.

The outcome

We have seen a rise in visitors to the website and clarity in the understanding of what Artisan, as a development partner, does to help clients achieve their aims.

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