14 Jul 2017   15:20

Anglia Lift Off scoops top prize

We are very pleased to be part of the team that produces the East Anglian Air Ambulance magazine - Anglia Lift Off. 

Our involvement began with Issue 30 that was published in Spring 2013 and saw a major change in the magazines focus, design and layout to create a more interesting and engaging read for EAAA supporters. 

Issue 39 saw another major re-design, this time, to save on cost while maintaining the magazines appeal. Changing the size, paper stock and running order along with the preparation of artwork templates for repeat sections meant that not only were production costs more manageable, but also the cost of postage was significantly reduced.

A further review of content is underway, and readers were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts with a questionnaire included in the Spring issue this year. 

Issue 47, Summer 2017, has just been mailed and last night (13-07-2017) we were delighted to hear that Anglia Lift Off received the top prize, winning the Best Charity Magazine category at the The Cambridge Building Society’s Community Magazine Awards.

Thanks to Clare Phillips, Editor of Anglia Lift Off, for her hard work in producing and collating such interesting content and providing it to us in such an efficient way. To Barnwell Print, who are constantly innovating in print and providing tremendous quality, quick turn-rounds meeting every deadline. And of course to Carolyn Causton and her team at the East Anglian Air Ambulance for giving us the opportunity to produce this award winning publication.

Anglia Lift Off scoops top prize
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5 Jan 2017   10:49

A new integrated approach for the LFF Group website

London Fittings and Flanges are a global leader in the supply of Pipes, Fittings, Flanges and Valves. Whilst the LFF roots remain firmly in London, they now have 13 offices around the world, enabling them to respond quickly to specific regional requirements. 

We have been working with LFF since 1999, and after many years of  steady growth and acquisition for LFF, they came to us to design a corporate website for the LFF Group as a whole.  They wanted the website to demonstrate  their global reach, to signal their consolidated approach and to support their reputation as an organisation offering unrivalled combination of service, quality, safety and value.

The site was launched in December 2016 and is now live 


“We have had an incredibly positive response and are all very proud of our new site” Mark Prior Managing Director LFF Group.

19 Dec 2016   12:32

What is your problem?!


Ade and I were only discussing this point this morning. 

Ultimately, we work with our clients to solve problems.

But often, in sitting down to describe their problem to us, they reveal by the language they use, that these issues may actually be unsubstantiated.

Successful business owners who have survived and in some cases thrived on a delicate balance of talent, hard work, risk, investment, opportunity and good old good luck, so often chalk up that success to: instinct.

And the same “instinct” is engaged when they feel they have a problem in their business.

Assumption and conjecture, however shrewd or experienced, can lead to throwing tonnes of energy and brain power and funds at obstacles, that aren’t actually there. All the time, resources are diverted away from the real problems.

The most successful problem solving is when we manage to convince our clients to question what they think they know about their business, and what they think their customers believe about their brand. When we carry out research and expose the hard facts, then we can begin to problem solve the indisputable problem that exists.

This is so often different from what clients originally brought us in to talk about. However, this is the most important part of what we do, in order to make successful change in a business.

Understanding the problem is essential if a problem is ever going to be solved!

Louise Ashby, Barber Jackson.

What is your problem?!
6 Dec 2016   15:52

Outstanding results from the Pigs Gone Wild campaign

The team at St Elizabeth Hospice commissioned some research and now have the results. They produced the attached infographic to communicate those results and are delighted with the campaign.  

"The whole team here at St Elizabeth Hospice are really excited  to  share with you the results from the  Pigs Gone Wild campaign.  We always knew that Ipswich would embrace the trail and love the pigs and we now we have the proof they did,  and in big numbers too! The whole team would like to send a big thank you to everyone who helped make this a great event for Ipswich, we could not have done it without the commitment and support from partners and sponsors alike."

Norman Lloyd, Project Manager, Pigs Gone Wild.

A great story for St Elizabeth Hospice and for the people of Ipswich. 

St Elizabeth Hospice are currently in discussions regarding their next Wild in Art art trail.

And, finally we can announce that the winner of the Barber Jackson Piñata Pig Selfie competition was: Dan Adams and his son!! Congratulations we will be in touch to organise delivery of your special prize!


Outstanding results from the Pigs Gone Wild campaign
18 Oct 2016   12:03

It has been decided

It was a chain straining test of strength, a gripping battle of hill power and what can only be described as cycological warfare:

There are congratulations and there are condolences.

There is the conquerer and there is the defeated.

There is triumph and there is sorrow.

Finally, after re-re-cycling - It has been decided.

And its helmets off to ….. 

Mr Adrian Barber

Adrian victoriously zipped over the finish line 17:00 mins ahead of Simon who accomplished a very respectable 2nd place!!!

Plus - we can now reveal the lucky winner of a bottle of fizz goes to Jo Aldrich well done on your guess.


And finally, we can confirm that in this Accumulator Challenge, St Nicholas Hospice reached an amazing Total of £44,985.12!!!  - We are very proud to have taken part and helped towards that impressive final figure.

Thank you, once again for your generous donations to the very worthy cause that is St Nicholas Hospice. 

We are also very grateful for all the kind messages of support and encouragement over the last 3 years.

Now that it is has been decided……we’ll be on our bikes.

All the best.

It has been decided
18 Oct 2016   11:18

Data is King - the circle of digital life

We’ve noticed a style of selling that seems to populate our inboxes of late. 

It’s quite a formulaic model and if you are remotely related to the world of advertising, marketing, branding, graphic or web design you will probably be familiar with the format.

An email turns up, looking professional, using complex language and an authoritative tone.

Just as social media plays on the fear of missing out (FoMO), here, the "fear of being out of touch" is ignited, by questions such as “With so many different marketing technologies available, and more arriving every week, where do you start with a solution?”

The answer to everything, is then offered in a free downloadable report, once your data has been collected.

Your data is then used to create a new report and sure enough, another, confidently complex, expert email will appear in your inbox, generating more concern, with the promise of answers in report form, before fishing for further data on your digital activity.

Doubtless this technique generates a certain level of response, as it used so often. 

In our consumer lives, we are frequently approached with data fishing offers. 

But we must question the integrity of this approach.

What does it do for the credibility of a brand? 

What does it do for building a loyal, reliable partnership between client and supplier? 

There is certainly a whiff of deceit,  threatening undertones, over-complicated language and sense of pedalling the latest technology and techniques in a one size fits all manner.

Dave Trott is a man whose musings we often admire and who’s no nonsense thinking, is very much aligned to ours here at Barber Jackson and here, he nails the point perfectly:

“Marketers use ‘big words’ like native advertising, storytelling, content curation, etc to sound like experts but instead, they are complicating the process by thinking complex is clever …….the most important job of advertising is, one, to get noticed, and two, aid brand recall”.

Here at Barber Jackson we are duty bound to keep on top of this stuff, as our clients will also be bombarded with it. 

But, we like to take a simple, steady approach, avoiding knee jerk reactions.  

Marketing tools and technology are available and that is fantastic for communication  - when they are relevant and used appropriately. 

The technique should never detract from, or cloud a clear message.

If you are interested, Dave Trott goes into much more detail here - rest assured - it is a very comprehensive but easy read!


4 Oct 2016   08:54

Farewell Piñata Pig.

With the Ipswich Pigs Gone Wild trail at an end and all of the piggies auctioned off, we are delighted to report that over £200,000 has been raised for St Elizabeth Hospice, local hospice care.

The very happy winner of the main prize  - (a four night stay at Woodfarm Barns www.woodfarmbarns.com) has been announced and the prize awarded.

For Barber Jackson,  sponsoring our Piñata piggy and being involved with the trail has been an entertaining and rewarding experience. 

We would like to thank you all for taking part in our photo competition, we will soon be able to announce our winner.

In the meantime, congratulations once again to St Elizabeth’s Hospice, on such a fantastic fundraising success and thanks and farewell Piñata, it’s been smashing!

Farewell Piñata Pig.
26 Sep 2016   12:14

It’s difficult to beat that feeling - that feeling when a long term goal actually finally happens.

The news that sixteen - time world champion Phil Taylor won the Champions league of Darts this weekend, prompted some darts discussion this morning here at Barber Jackson. 

Reminiscing of our days working with Target Darts and remembering that our aim for them all those years ago (turns out it is about a decade!)  was to have someone such as Phil The Power Taylor on board, endorsing their own brand darts.

Seeing Taylor on TV, on the BBC, throughout the Darts Championship, sporting his Target shirt and darts, gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction here. 

Target Darts are confidently striding ahead with their own marketing, design and strategy for their brand. But the success still feels good. It feels good to know that all of those meetings and discussions and debates about branding and packaging and direction, contributed to that confidence and to that long term goal.

Listening to Taylor speak about his victory, on radio 2 this morning - you could hear the glory swelling in his voice as he explained that even after all these years, he still loved the feeling he gets when they hand the trophy over, and it makes all the hard work and dedication worthwhile. Good for you Gary and team Target - all well deserved.

15 Aug 2016   10:40


After two years of the Barber VS Jackson cycle challenge, Adrian Barber and Simon Jackson have each been victorious, currently tying 1-1 and in the interest of healthy competition and good causes - now it is time for the decider! There has to be a WINNER! (Although we all know this is ‘charity’… no matter how much the first across the line brags post-challenge).

So, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care, the chaps are both setting off from the same point in Bradfield St George, near Bury St Edmunds, and will be cycling the same 40 mile route through the heart of St Nicholas Hospice Care’s service area - but in opposite directions (and incidentally the opposite route for each of them, from last year’s challenge), only to end up at the same re-cycled start point!

  But what will be the difference in their time? 
We want you to guess!  (for the price of a donation, of course!)

To enter, please leave your prediction of the time difference between both finishing, in the format 00:00:00 (hours, mins, secs), as well as any ‘encouraging’ words in the comments section with your donation at www.justgiving.com/thedecider - or email info@barberjackson.com after donating via text (send BVSJ99 and £5 or £10 to 70070). Alternatively, you could always send us a cheque via snail mail and include your guess in the envelope. The closest prediction will receive a bottle of champagne! 

The event is scheduled for 25 August, weather permitting, and we will contact the winner the week after the challenge.

 If you would just like to make a donation in appreciation of Adrian and Simon’s efforts, this would also be gratefully received.

Your support is very much appreciated and will help St Nicholas Hospice Care to do the great work they do for people with life-limiting illness and their families.

Good luck and thank you!

2 Aug 2016   15:31

Well done Mr J!!

Congratulations to Simon Jackson who, on Sunday 31st July,  cycled the Prudential Ride London 100 in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association. 

"Although cycling the Prudential Ride London 100 is a personal challenge, it is nothing compared to the challenges MN sufferers face hour by hour, day by day, every day.  

Any money I can raise will go towards helping MN sufferers and their families cope with this terrible disease for which there is currently no cure and very little effective treatment."

Starting at the Olympic Park in Stratford, the event has been held every year since the 2012 Olympic games and sees 26,000 amateur cyclists ride on closed roads through London and Surrey finishing in The Mall.

Well done Mr J!!
2 Aug 2016   14:04

Not just a lick of paint!

In the spirit of  “you yourself should do the things you advise others to do” we have indeed updated our office and our website!
Some rearrangement of furniture, a bit of filler here and there, an overdue coat of paint and exciting new wall graphics, reminded us here at Barber Jackson, that Brand doesn’t just deal with the aesthetics of an organisation.
Yes, we consult on how companies should present themselves to truly represent their brand, but it goes deeper than glossy brochures, plush boardrooms and impressive reception areas.
What comes with everyone “mucking in” to get the job done and working on something for ourselves, is well, invaluable.  
The effect on the whole team is a general rise in morale, an increased sense of pride and, an excitement for a positive future. Who is your brand's greatest ambassador? When staff are feeling revitalised, it will be apparent to whoever comes in to contact with your company. Plus the reception looks smart too!
Heres a quick transformation video that we thought would be fun. https://youtu.be/zxiMLg_Xc7k

Plus a light refresh, a gentle update and a dab of polish to our website, has given us a digital lift! With current work now online and our 25 year “mantra” taking pride of place on the home page, please do have a browse.

28 Jun 2016   17:18

All Together Now

We are delighted to have completed our first piece of work for Consensus, part of the Caring Homes group.

Consensus is an award winning independent provider of support services for individuals with a learning disability and additional needs. 

They provide person-centred services for people with learning disabilities and additional health and social care needs.

Our first commission was to look at the corporate newsletter called All Together Now.  They wanted us to make it more interesting and engaging by giving it a magazine feel. A quick turn around was required to meet a deadline, so that they could have the finished items ready in time for their conference. We made it and were very happy to hear the client was pleased too.

“Brilliant thank you ever so much.
I am so pleased with this first edition especially given the break neck speed we have had to work at on it and feedback from Mark and MD of Consensus is very positive.”
Caring Homes

Great working with you guys, we look forward to the next time.

28 Jun 2016   17:07

Pigs Went Wild!!!

We are very excited to announce that our sponsored Pig, Piñata was amongst the Pigs Gone Wild art trail launched yesterday in Ipswich.

Pigs Gone Wild involves 39 pig sculptures displayed on an art trail around Ipswich and the waterfront during summer 2016, in aid of Suffolk charity St Elizabeth Hospice. Pigs were chosen for the event to celebrate Suffolk’s rich agricultural heritage and association with pig production in the country.

It is the biggest mass participation, public art event ever to be held in Ipswich, with many local businesses (including Barber Jackson, having worked on the logo design and support material) and artists supporting the cause by sponsoring pigs and creating and painting the sculptures. It is hoped that this event will not only appeal to local people but will also bring thousands of visitors to the town who will be able to follow the trail which meanders through the town and Waterfront.

You can follow Piñata on twitter #PinataPig

Plus: - You could Win!

If you take a selfie including our pig Piñata, along the trail, and upload it either via the Pigs Gone Wild App or on


 - they will be judged by our in-house creative panel and you could be in with a chance of winning a full size cut out of that photo of you and the pig!

Pigs Went Wild!!!
26 Apr 2016   16:48

Essex Sexual Health Service, launched.

Provide CIC is leading a collaboration of organisations, including Terrence Higgins Trust, Brook and SH:24 to deliver a NEW Service providing a full range of sexual health services for the people of Essex.

Their aim is to provide a free, confidential , non-judgemental service available to the people of Essex regardless of sex, age, ethnic origin and sexual orientation.

“Our expertise means everyone can expect appropriate, effective advice and care to benefit their sexual health.  Our clinics are run by a team of doctors, nurses and health advisers, offering a full range of services.” ESHS

Launched on April 1st, Barber Jackson worked with the Provide team to establish the values and description of the new organisation and subsequently came up with concepts and visuals for a brand identity. 

Essex Sexual Health service’s published values are:


and they want to be described as:


The logo was designed with this in mind and to give the organisation a modern, clinically credible, trustworthy face. The brand guidelines are in place and after consulting on the look of the website, and providing lanyards, signage and props for the making of some short video, the website is now live.

Essex Sexual Health Service, launched.
22 Mar 2016   16:40

Respect for the worth, excellence, usefulness and importance of design

Adrian Barber,  Creative Director Barber Jackson

"There is a new rash of house improvement programmes appearing our screens, the likes of The £100k House: Tricks of the Trade with Piers Taylor and Ugly House to lovely house with George Clarke. These programmes occupy a space between the good old days of cheap makeovers brought to us by Changing Rooms and the 'out of most peoples reach' aspirations of Grand Designs. They both highlight the benefit of commissioning architects to not only plan a project but to ensure that throughout the build, space, detail and budget are considered and monitored to best effect.

My issue is that the couple of episodes I have managed to catch have featured architects that have provided their services free gratis. Savvy one might say! An hours worth of national television exposure - great promotion and advertising, the cost of which would easily have covered their fees for the project.

While it is made clear that this is the case, usually during the programme verbally and at the end with a caption, I wonder whether we should not be informed of what their fees would have been, if only to convey a value of professional services to potential clients. My other concern is that this is a case of 'design' and 'expertise' being dumbed-down and sidelined as the bit at the beginning of a project that is forgotten when, the excitement of using an unusual material, the creation of space from nothing, the channeling of light etc. throws a shadow over the process that lit the fuse and brought it to fruition in the first place.

While craftsmanship and the tremendous abilities of the technicians to deliver the vision is commendable, credit must be given to the creative processes of the designer/architect to initiate innovative thinking."

Respect for the worth, excellence, usefulness and importance of design
7 Mar 2016   11:44

Tracking the user journey.

Enigma Telematics is a leading, UK based, Vehicle Tracking, Security and Fleet Management Company. 

Barber Jackson has been working with the company for over 10 years and following acquisition by the Viasat Group, Italy’s leading vehicle telematics provider, Enigma’s corporate identity and that of it’s telematics brand, Skyline, were updated.

The last piece of the jigsaw has been the design and development of the new website.

The new site reflects the significant changes that have occurred at both Enigma and within the industry since the last site was launched, including simplifying the product  offer and moving  the design on to reflect this in the customer experience of the website.

The 2016 website also offers users a fresh way of viewing news items and case studies and generally a more direct route and immediate access to the information required.


16 Feb 2016   11:50

With love from Suffolk

More pics from the premiere

With love from Suffolk
16 Feb 2016   11:46

Photos as promised

Sounds like a successful evening!

Photos as promised
15 Feb 2016   15:15

Suffolk “A beautiful place”

Amid film-making award season, Ade joins his family in taking a walk on the red carpet in Woodbridge this evening, at the premiere showing of the film “With love from… Suffolk”

“With love from… Suffolk” is a “FILM Suffolk” crowd-funded feature film, comprising eight funny and heart-warming tales, all set in Suffolk. 

FILM Suffolk’s aim is to advance filmmaking activity in the region and grow East Anglia to a significant contributor to the UK film economy.

Suffolk is ideal for filmmakers seeking to draw the benefits of shooting not too far from London, but with all the advantages of having access to highly skilled crew, talent and great facilities. 

“Beautiful place", is the song title that won the competition for the movie’s soundtrack. It was written by Ade a few years ago and arranged and performed by the young and very talented musicians and singers TomandParis - https://www.facebook.com/tomandparis/  …and the Tom of this duet… is none other than Tom Barber, youngest son of Adrian and Christine. Part of the prize for winning the competition was to spend a day recording the track at Punch studios in Ipswich.

Well done guys, a fantastic achievement, hope you have a great night at the premier and enjoy the sounds of your success!

Hopefully we’ll be able to post some pictures tomorrow!

Suffolk “A beautiful place”
10 Feb 2016   10:09

More than twice as many Early birds!

More than Twice as many Early birds!


St Elizabeth Hospice’s 10th birthday Midnight Walk 2016 is currently on track for a record number of walkers. 

 More than double the amount of supporters have already signed up for the walk in May, before the early bird deadline, compared to last year.


“We worked with Barber Jackson to design a new look and feel, to help mark the 10th anniversary of the Midnight Walk and have been able to use this as part of an extensive, targeted, and so far, very successful marketing campaign.

 “We are delighted that the fresh look and feel - alongside a reinvigorated marketing campaign – means that we are on track for a record for the 10th birthday of the walk.”


Laura Beardsell-Moore, Head of Marketing and Communications at St Elizabeth Hospice


For more information or to join the walk, visit http://www.midnightwalkipswich.co.uk/

8 Feb 2016   15:46

Why designers and the business world need to understand each other

An interesting read from Design Week.

John Oswald, business design lead at Fjord, talks about the mutual benefits designers and clients can gain from adapting to each other’s ways of thinking.

26 Jan 2016   09:29

Design helps to deliver the message “Open up, Reach out” for young people’s mental health care in Essex.

As David Cameron promises a "revolution" in mental health care, Southend, Essex and Thurrock’s “Open up, Reach out” - a plan for improving mental health for children and young people in Essex, receives top rating from national leaders.

“Open up, Reach out gets to the heart of the matter by building resilience in children and young people, in families, schools and other places. It starts with the right information being easily available, instant help and advice, in some instances via the web, and easy access to professional support, including training for schools.” 

Dr Caroline Dollery, Clinical Director of the East of England Strategic Clinical Network for Mental Health, also an Essex GP, 

The plan has been rated as the best in the Midlands and East of England, and will see – among other things – expanded services for eating disorders, enhanced 7 days a week crisis services, and special training and support in schools.

Barber Jackson were commissioned by Wendy Smith of Tamarind Strategy & Communications Ltd to design a document that really helped to convey the depth of understanding and expertise in the field, to share the facts and impact of the situation and communicate the intentions and commitment behind the plan, whilst remaining mindful of young people and their needs. 

"It's quite a feat to design a document that will satisfy the exacting requirements of national planning assurance and still communicate to young people. This would never have been possible with a word document. This is a great case study of how design delivers the message.” 

Wendy Smith, Director, Tamarind Strategy & Communications Limited

The success of the plan on a national level, has been widely reported to find out more:

Design helps to deliver the message “Open up, Reach out” for young people’s mental health care in Essex.
14 Dec 2015   17:28

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas cards should have now found their way to your desks, we hope they have given you some festive cheer and for further amusement take a look at the making:

30 Nov 2015   16:28

Christmas Cards - hit? send?

What with the ubiquitousness of social media and the rising costs of postage, it seems the annual discussion around the “demise of the corporate Christmas Card” has become as traditional as, well -  actually sending one.

Here at Barber Jackson, we are firmly behind the theory that sending a good Christmas Card is an excellent way of building and cementing customer and supplier relationships. The job of designing and producing  a well executed Christmas card can reinforce and remind those you deal with what you do and and how well you do it, all wrapped up in a warm and genuine message that shows you have taken the time and effort to say ‘thank you’ as well wishing everyone you deal with a Merry Christmas.

Underwhelming email messages don’t always hit the mark and the inevitable rise and fall in popularity of e-cards is further evidence that jumping on the latest bandwagon is not always the right way to go. So the general gist is  - we are comfortable with sending a card. But, of course, it needs to be done well. We tend to go to town with ours (because we like dressing up!), but a Christmas card can provide a good opportunity to present your company’s brand personality as well as your professionalism. In a modern business world where we find ourselves desk bound, barely picking up the phone for a conversation because an email will efficiently record the latest development of a project, it can be refreshing to make contact and communicate on a different level.

With a declining number of cards being sent, sending one is an opportunity for yours to stand out in terms of quality and if it is designed well, you may find yourself in the unique position of being the solo star of the Christmas card show, keeping you fresh in the minds of your clients heading into the New Year.

24 Nov 2015   16:28

A fly on the wall.

Grange Farm is a fabulous asset providing the local community of Roding Valley, with the ideal setting for leisure, sporting, recreational and educational pursuits. 

The architectural award winning, Grange Farm Centre, nestles in the heart of the 90 acre site, and is also a home for the Essex Wildlife Trust who manage and maintain the Roding Valley Nature Reserve. 

Barber Jackson worked on the identity, the way-finding and the signage, all of which helped visitors to make the most of their visit. 

Recently, we were asked to be involved with making the most of an empty space within the pavilion. The area has access to the toilet facilities and the EWT office. Young educational visitors are often encouraged to convene here prior to their trip around the nature reserve.

The nature reserve is sanctuary to a vast range of wildlife, but due to the time of day, or the conditions, or the nervous temperament of the species, some of the creatures are often not visible to visitors.

So we came up with the idea of bringing a touch of the outside to the inside of the centre and put together a daytime and a night time wall, displaying all the wildlife inhabiting the reserve, with a short description of what to look for. This was designed from the viewpoint of a child, and the type got bigger at the top so they could still read the text as it got further away.

A fly on the wall.
27 Oct 2015   12:26

The clocks strike Midnight.

But far from turning into pumpkins, just in time for Halloween, Barber Jackson have been busily working away on the "be a star" campaign for the St Elizabeth Hospice Midnight Walk. 

Sat 7th May 2016, see's the 10th annual sponsored walk around Ipswich and the campaign material launched this week.  

Posters, letters, adverts, flyers and banners will be distributed and displayed locally, encouraging walkers to put the date in their diary, register before January, schedule their training and gather their sponsorship. 

Plus the stakes have been raised - to mark the 10th anniversary, a specially extended 10 mile walk has been planned for 2016. As the route map shows, you can still sign up for 5 miles, but the 10 mile challenge is available for those who can - well, "walk the walk"!

Go to  http://www.midnightwalkipswich.co.uk/register/ to get involved.

The clocks strike Midnight.
15 Sep 2015   15:29

Pigs Gone Wild in Suffolk!

St Elizabeth Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to stage Suffolk’s biggest ever mass-participation, public art event – Pigs Gone Wild.

Wild in Art brings the creativity and enjoyment of public art to thousands of people through its high profile and popular events.

The interactive sculpture trail will feature more than 40 pigs across Ipswich and beyond. During summer 2016 you will be able to follow the trail, collect points with our Pigs Gone Wild app and to try to see as many of the sculptures as possible.

The pigs, beautifully decorated by artists and generously sponsored by local businesses, will be on show for 10 weeks during the summer in 2016. They will be joined by ‘piglet’ sculptures designed by local school children and teachers, which will appear in litters across the town.

The large pig sculptures will then be auctioned to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice.

Barber Jackson have been working alongside St Elizabeth’s Hospice and we have designed the logo, promotional styling and special artists packs to encourage known and undiscovered artists to submit their designs - if chosen as a winner, they get to transfer the design onto the real pig. 

We have also designed sponsorship materials going out to local businesses giving them the opportunity to sponsor a pig sculpture.

We are currently working on the Schools packs to go out to encourage local school children to get involved in the junior piglet sculptures. The education packs are made up of resources that enable teachers to use the sculptures as a stimulus for curriculum development work, in many areas such as art, drama, science and geography, with a focus on involving the whole school community.

Pigs Gone Wild in Suffolk!
8 Sep 2015   12:11

Website launch for Brook Learning Trust

The Brook Learning Trust (BLT) is a multi-academy Trust and an accredited SCITT provider based in Kent.  The trust was established in 2010, and the lead school, The Hayesbrook School (THS) has a long and successful tradition of training teachers since 2004. 

A broad, comprehensive Initial Teacher Education programme is offered, leading to both Qualified Teacher Status and the Professional Graduate Certificate in Education in both Primary and Secondary sectors through partnership of schools across Kent.

Barber Jackson, having recently completed a full brand review, have been working with BLT to design and build, along with other marketing tools and materials, a new website, which we launched last week.

The website had to accurately present the Trust as an all encompassing, leadership focused, forward thinking organisation. So the design is crisp, clear, colourful and modern. Topics and campaigns need to be current, so content management by the Trust is fundemantal. Visitors come to the website via various routes and will be browsing on all kinds of devices, so a responsive site is essential. 

Currently, the Trust are recruiting  - looking to inspire people to think about teaching as a career and enrolling themselves onto a BLT training programme. As timing is crucial to the recruitment process, the site needed to be launched on time, before the beginning of the Autumn term.


Website launch for Brook Learning Trust
24 Aug 2015   15:37

A BIG thank you

....for sponsoring our very successful cycle challenge around Suffolk, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care!

We have compiled a quick video,

of how the challenge went down - which we hope you will enjoy!

Your support was greatly appreciated and has helped us raise almost £1500 for St Nicholas Hospice Care, which will aid them to do the great work they do for people with life-limiting illness and their families.

Thank you, once again.

A BIG thank you
12 Aug 2015   11:14

Whether the Weather??

Let's hope the predicted "month's rainfall in just 2 days" is all over before Friday and doesn't delay our epic Barber VS Jackson re-cycle challenge!

There's still time to register your prediction (on the winner not the weather!) and donate in support of this gallant effort by Si and Ade to raise funds for St Nicholas Hospice. 

4 Aug 2015   12:43

B Vs J!!!! Re-cycling challenge

After last year’s Barber VS Jackson cycle challenge, Adrian Barber and Simon Jackson have both decided to re-cycle the idea!

Last year the challenge was very popular and had many supporters (plus Adrian is looking for revenge after narrowly losing out to Simon!). 

So, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care, the chaps are going to cycle from the same point near Bury St Edmunds, and will cycle the same 40 mile route through the heart of St Nicholas Hospice Care’s service area - But in opposite directions, only to end up at the same re-cycled start point!

But what will be the difference in their time?

We want you to guess! (for the price of a donation, of course!)

To enter, please leave your prediction of the time difference between both finishing, in the format 00:00:00 (hours, mins, secs), as well as any ‘encouraging’ words in the comments section with your donation at www.justgiving.com/re-cycled - or email info@barberjackson.com after donating via text (send BVSJ88 and £5 or £10 to 70070). Alternatively, you could always send us a cheque via snail mail and include your guess in the envelope. The closest prediction will receive a bottle of champagne! 

The event is scheduled for 14 August, weather permitting, and we will contact the winner the week after the challenge.

If you would just like to make a donation in appreciation of Adrian and Simon’s efforts, this would also be gratefully received.

Your support is very much appreciated and will help St Nicholas Hospice Care to do the great work they do for people with life-limiting illness and their families.

Good luck and thank you!

B Vs J!!!! Re-cycling challenge
8 Jul 2015   21:07

St Elizabeth Hospice launches rebrand.

St Elizabeth Hospice improves life for people living with a progressive illness. Their work is centered around an individual's needs, which means specialist support, wherever it is required. St Elizabeth Hospice is close to the hearts of many people in East Suffolk and South Norfolk, and it was Alison Lanchester, Director of Income Generation and Marketing, who helped identify the need to rebrand and led the team throughout the rebranding process.

“As other charities continue to update around us, we knew we needed to develop our Hospice brand to remain competitive and to be attractive to a new generation of supporters and fundraisers. The new brand identity combines vibrant shapes and colours around a strong core message which will help us to reach more people. We have already seen increased footfall and takings in our shops as a result of the new colour scheme and we are very excited to see how we can use the new brand to inspire supporters. We need to raise more than £7 million every year to continue to support people who are facing a progressive illness and we see the new brand playing an important role in finding new ways to reach supporters.”

Barber Jackson were the creative team behind the new brand. Adrian Barber, Creative Director explained, 

“We are delighted to have worked with St Elizabeth Hospice on their rebrand, one of the major challenges facing modern hospice care, is addressing the public perception that a Hospice is a place where very poorly people go to die. 

This common misconception means that so much of the positive work hospices do is overlooked, unappreciated and ultimately the public are generally unaware of what other essential services a hospice can offer

It is challenging to identify and develop a brand that speaks to, on the one hand, people who are receiving devastating news AND others who are putting the fun in fundraising by jumping into a bath-full of beans!”

Laura Beardsell-Moore, Head of Marketing and Communications at St Elizabeth Hospice commented.

“The new brand offers us a great opportunity to reach out to people who may not have thought about accessing or supporting the Hospice before. The clever, catchy concept and a striking visual identity will help us to appear friendlier and more approachable to people who may be apprehensive about receiving hospice care – and more appealing to those who want to support us. Barber Jackson has struck the perfect balance with a brand that is fun for fundraisers and also highlights the Hospice’s compassion and humanity.”
Adrian concluded

"Brand is an often misunderstood part of a business. To many people it is simply the logo, but as is demonstrated with St Elizabeth, the brand is far more complex than that. We spent three months meeting with those close to the Hospice; staff, volunteers, supporters, patients families etc. and discussing with them their thoughts on how the organisation is perceived and unearthing the essence of what a hospice in the 21st century is. Our conclusion is that they are places where people can be themselves, where they can be sure they will be treated with dignity and compassion, where fundraisers can be amazing, where staff can be proud of the terrific care they provide. Where people can just be."

"The reaction we have witnessed on peoples faces when they see the ‘be’ snuggle into the word ‘Elizabeth’ is testament to to the strength of the concept which has limitless applications in presenting positive messages about the Hospice and its services."

"It has been fabulous to work with such a positive team of people. 

We wish St Elizabeth Hospice the very best in rolling out their new brand and look forward to working with them to ensure their promise, reputation and purpose is communicated clearly so that more people will be aware of the exceptional care and support they provide. Ultimately we hope more people will support St Elizabeth Hospice by raising the essential funds necessary to continue their work."

You can watch the development of this powerful new brand identity on Barber Jackson’s you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxanfefPSo0

St Elizabeth Hospice launches rebrand.
22 Jun 2015   09:33

East Anglian Air Ambulance Newsletter Lifts Off in a new direction.

After retaining the contract to design and produce the quarterly  “Anglia Lift off” (ALO) for another 8 editions, we are delighted that the latest newsletter, in its new economic format, along with it’s personalised carrier sheet have been received very well by the team at EAAA.

"Dear ALO super heroes!`

Thank you and congratulations on a superb new style ALO.  I love it and think it works really well.  I like the targeted carrier sheet, the size, the fact that one story can be a double page spread, the new look lottery and it feels easier and less busy to read.

Thanks for all the effort and design that went into it.  Thanks again one and all.

Best wishes


Diana Jakubowska

Head of Communication

East Anglian Air Ambulance Newsletter Lifts Off in a new direction.
8 Jun 2015   11:23

Sitting Right and Walking Tall - its the new A J Way!

For long term sitters the importance of having a chair which is tailored to their size & needs cannot be overemphasised. Chairs are too often selected chiefly for their aesthetic appeal & this can lead to poor posture, back & neck pain, breathing & circulatory difficulties, vulnerability to developing pressure ulcers, difficulty in rising and so on. 

A J Way aim to promote optimum posture, comfort & support for those who need to sit for long periods of time. 

Part of the Kirton Healthcare group, A J Way have recently completed an appraisal and update of their brand. Neil Hatton, Creative Director at Barber Jackson lead the team working on the project.

“A J Way found that their company values, commitment to quality materials and the care taken, throughout the manufacturing process, were all factors that were being being overlooked. Amongst their dealers, they were thought of as old and out of date, with complicated sales processes.

 So we looked at their brand and brand identity. The logo itself has had a subtle modernising refresh, we also assessed how the products were sold, and redesigned the main brochure allowing sales and ordering to be much more straight-forward."

A J Way and the team at Kirton are delighted with the new approach and held a dealer awareness day, accompanied by a dealer pack, designed by Barber Jackson. The day was a huge success, they received very positive feedback and feel that the dealers are now confident they can sell the chairs easily and are very much in support of the new A J Way.

Sitting Right and Walking Tall  - its the new A J Way!
19 May 2015   15:02

Win Win!

The evening of Thursday 14th May saw the Fourth charity race night, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care, at Newmarket Race Course.

The evening consisted of seven races, all sponsored by local businesses and individuals, including Barber Jackson.

Racegoers enjoyed an exclusive party in the Champions Gallery Restaurant, which has a panoramic window overlooking the finishing post. Each table had its own television monitor displaying betting information and for close-up viewing of the races. The well-known Channel 4 racing presenter Derek ‘Tommo’ Thompson offered his services again and helped to host the evening.

As promised, a thrilling and glittering night was had by all, including Adrian Barber and Simon Jackson who attended with guests.

“We had a great night, fabulous fun, fantastic food and all for a good cause - raising awareness and much needed funds for St Nicholas Hospice Care”

Win Win!
28 Apr 2015   13:05

Design for Print - it’s flourishing.

Goods and services maybe increasingly introduced by email, researched online, reviewed digitally, recommended via social media and bought or booked via an app on a mobile device, but print still seems to have its place firmly routed in our purchasing psyche.

When we buy online, the brands that invest in a fantastic customer journey, succeed in seducing us and securing our future loyalty. We are notified by email or text when our order has been dispatched and a further alert tells us when to expect delivery. Our items not only arrive safely, intact and on time, but they ignite excitement and anticipation as soon as we hear the Posty knock.  

The packaging; the branded address label, beautifully printed gift wrapping, vibrant accompanying literature and a precious voucher, contained within the parcel, all help to strengthen our bond with the brand. Official, recognisable, tactile and for real - print and good design for print is essential in this courtship.

Advanced technology and developments in printing methods has introduced creative print to many different substrates. Food, cosmetics, household products, gifts, jewellery, clothing, fabric, wallpaper and coverings, furniture, rugs, carpets, tiles, posters and billboards can be personalised, and printed quickly and cost effectively. Plus the low carbon footprint of printing today, compared with the environmental impact of printing in the past, means we can produce hard copy communication with customers, that is cost effective and ecologically responsible.

So we believe a mixed campaign is the key to good promotion and customer interaction. Why would you abandon the traditional tried and tested vehicles of communication, just to jump onto the latest bandwagon? because it sounds like a cheaper way to speak to more people? Be true to your brand values and appropriate in your market place and you will convey an effective message to the right people.

E-shots that make it through an over-zealous spam filter,  still have to grab attention and gain precedence, huddled amongst an ever expanding inbox of tweets and blog and newsletter notifications. A personal email to check you received the printed catalogue through the post, however will probably be warmly welcomed.

Design for print and print management here at Barber Jackson is in full flow, so far this year.

A new Sensory Plus catalogue was designed and printed for our long-standing client Kirton along with their new portfolio brochure. We have rebranded and relaunched a new catalogue for AJ Way who are also seating specialists, this was accompanied by flyers and a dealer pack designed for a dealer awareness day.

Provide, a leading provider of integrated health and social care, are currently ensuring all of their ward documentation, posters, public information flyers and stationery are up to date and consistent with their branding. Whilst also taking the opportunity to address the function and content of each piece at the same time.

We have also been busy with the Education Services department of Essex County Council. Training for governors and school effectiveness documents needed to be dispatched to a large, disparate group of people. The information is quite official and its key that everyone  is furnished with a set of high standard, easy to read packs, so printed hard copies were considered the most effective format.

The spring season here at Barber Jackson has seen design for print blossom, and we look forward to it growing the fruits of labour, in the form of effective results, for our discerning clients throughout the remaining year.

27 Apr 2015   12:47

Finished our weekly production meeting with show and tell - made us laugh, thought we would share

This is great... 10 Things Designers Freaking Hate With a Passion on @CreativeMarket http://crtv.mk/h04HO

9 Mar 2015   16:07

Actively promoting New Year Fitness

Active Luton is a 'not for profit' sports and leisure trust operating a variety of sports and leisure facilities in Luton. It is also responsible for developing sport and has a key role helping to improve the health and well-being of residents within the local community.

After developing their "be inspired" campaign at the beginning of the year, with Charlotte Hill, who is now Marketing Officer, we are hoping to embark on a new working relationship with Active Luton.

Charlotte was formerly at Colchester Leisure World and it was a pleasure to work with her on such a vast array of projects over the years. 

We were obviously delighted when she got in touch, in her new role, and hope we can assist Charlotte and her team, in bringing to reality the improvements and proposals she has set out, in her marketing plan for Active Luton.

Actively promoting New Year Fitness
17 Feb 2015   09:20

Good News from East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Having taken part in the pitch process for the quarterly newsletters, Anglia Lift Off, we are very happy to confirm we have been successful in winning the contract.

“The panel found our presentation and thoughtful contributions to the development of the Lift Off Magazine very powerful not only in terms of a better publication but also in saving money on the production and distribution costs. As a result they have invited us to accept the contract for another 8 editions. We are delighted to have retained this business and look forward to continuing work with the Lift Off team." 
Adrian Barber, Creative Director.

Good News from East Anglian Air Ambulance.
5 Jan 2015   11:05

A louder shout means more High Street clout!

Having completed  25 new shop fronts in the last 8 months, we are delighted to have helped give St Elizabeth Hospice a louder shout and more presence on the high street.

The shop buildings throughout East Suffolk and South Norfolk, bear some rather disparate architecture. Our challenge was to design a shop front identity that ensured consistency across all the shops, despite the varying building shapes, sizes and designs. And at the same time - have an impact from high street level.

We created a smart, vibrant look,  displaying the St Elizabeth Hospice name prominently and conveying the 3 messages: Shop, Donate, Volunteer.

As this was a large scale project, we began with a couple of shops, awaited feedback and then rolled the remainder out across all of the shops.

A louder shout means more High Street clout!
5 Jan 2015   11:01

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.

Having enjoyed the festivities and recharged our batteries, today we've jump started our new year with a complete recabling of the office, allowing us to connect to our server faster which will mean speedier data transfer - along with our extensive office tidy up we're ready to hit the ground running. 

11 Dec 2014   15:26

Season's Greetings!

We hope that, by now, you will have received and enjoyed our Christmas card.

For more festive cheer and an insight to "the making of"  click here: 

The "Making of" Barber Jackson Christmas Card 2014 

Once again, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Barber Jackson Troupe 

Season's Greetings!
9 Dec 2014   15:31

New Baby Boy!

Congratulations to Neil, Adele and Henson on the safe arrival of baby boy Harvey Joseph Hatton - born 7th December - looking forward to meeting him soon - well done!

9 Dec 2014   14:28


That’s this year's BJ Christmas Card all wrapped up and back from the busy printing elves.

So, don't forget to check your door mat in the next frosty morning or so. 

For more festive cheer, check out the QR code on the outer back cover.

1 Dec 2014   10:07

Well done to Matt!

We are pleased to announce that Matt Wright has been promoted to Studio Manager with immediate effect. This reflects not only Matt’s excellent contribution to the output from the studio, but his general commitment to ensuring the studio systems are running smoothly. We have a new server arriving soon and the office will shortly be re-cabled. We will be looking at ways to strengthen the studio operation in the New Year and Matt’s appointment is part of that process.

Believe it or not, Matt has already been with us for 6 and a half years and we look forward to many more to come!

1 Dec 2014   09:36

Working for the Workforce award.

Wednesday evening saw senior health professionals gather in Grosvenor House, London for the largest ever HSJ Awards. The awards celebrate the projects and initiatives that deliver healthcare excellence and innovation, by shining a spotlight on cutting-edge innovations and best practice, they give impetus to improving the quality of healthcare in the UK.

Ade & Christine Barber and Simon & Jane Jackson were delighted to accompany Wendy Smith and the team from Health Education England.

"The Talent for Care" project, was shortlisted and the judges comments on the finalists were  "Great ambition and clear strategic intent to tackle very important underdeveloped element of the workforce"

Well done to all for getting so far and thanks for a great evening!

Working for the Workforce award.
21 Nov 2014   13:10

Good things come in small packages

The latest package to go out from Kirton is "The Little Book of Seating" – a helpful guide, aimed at Occupational Therapists all over the UK. 

The purpose of the handy little book is to assist as a reference when completing seating assessments for patients.

It covers posture patterns and abnormalities and causes of pressure damage along with prevention advice. We designed the booklet with key points and helpful illustrations which can be used to explain patients' conditions and help to recommend a seating solution.

This is the first time Kirton have produced a guide in this format and it will be given out at the annual Occupational Therapy Show at the NCC.

Good things come in small packages
11 Nov 2014   17:52

Matt and Neil on top form 

Having recently delivered the new Sixth Form prospectus for Clacton Coastal Academy, (CCA) we were delighted to receive feedback from our client.

The brief was to look at the layout within the prospectus and to present the content in a less chaotic manner that was uncomplicated and appealing to the local young population, their parents and carers. 

After rationalising the content we redesigned the sections more logically, so that the course information was instantly available. We also changed the size of the document so that it was still economic to post, but handy and more accessible for anyone picking it up, to find what they wanted.

The look and feel needed to be bright, fresh and attractive to young people. We designed this prospectus to evoke the feeling that CCA will take you seriously, provide your educational needs professionally, and you will have a great time gaining that education whilst securing a positive future.

"Neil, I just wanted to tell you too how FANTASTIC Matt has been, I know I have not been easy with all the changes (in typical CCA style). I really appreciate his patience and advice... he has certainly helped me through it. I just thought you should know, although I am sure you are already aware, but it's always good to know how awesome your colleagues are. 

Thank you to you too for all the helpful suggestions and patience, it is much appreciated as always.

Well done to you both, I love it."

Kathleen Tucker, Marketing and Events Manager CCA

Matt and Neil on top form 
2 Oct 2014   12:36

Most Innovative Idea award!

Thanks to St Nicholas Hospice Care for the award we received last night in recognition of the bike to work challenge that Simon and Adrian undertook to raise money for this years Accumulator fundraising event.
The total raised by the 50 companies taking part was revealed at last nights awards ceremony held at the Ickworth Park hotel - A wopping £72,298. Well done to all who took part a tremendous effort.

Most Innovative Idea award!
1 Oct 2014   09:12

Enigma Telematics Merger

Long term client of Barber Jackson, Enigma Telematics, is delighted to confirm it has merged with Viasat Group, the largest independently-owned Italian telematics provider.

Italy is the fastest growing telematics market in Europe, ahead of the UK in second place. Viasat has its own in-house R&D and manufacturing capability and approximately 500,000 established connections, a figure that is growing exponentially month by month. The newly-merged company will look to bring its combined expertise to the growing insurance telematics market in the UK, utilising Viasat‘s experience and the strong, well-established Enigma Telematics brand.

Building upon Enigma‘s strength in the fleet management and plant & construction sectors, it will also explore opportunities for international expansion, with the UK as its base for such operations.

Both Enigma and Viasat are in a strong financial position, so the merger allows for greater investment in software and hardware development in the future, leading to improved product offerings.

Congratulations and good luck from us all, here at Barber Jackson – we look forward to working with you on your new venture.

Enigma Telematics Merger
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