Having been around for over 20 years we have seen many of our clients grow from modest start ups to multi-million pound businesses. For those with products to sell we have also seen exponential growth in the size of their catalogues. The result for Barber Jackson is that we have been able to grow our catalogue design and production service accordingly.

For clients with catalogues of 200 pages and more this requires additional project management and technical skills to complement our design and production facilities. In-house, high quality photography and retouching, presentation and management of complex information, design of ordering procedures, data management and proof reading all contribute to smooth production with end results that work hard and play a pivotal role in our clients’ success.

Pigs gone wild auction guide

Pigs Gone Wild Official Guide

The Pigs Gone Wild event proved to be a tremendous success for Ipswich with 250,000 people visiting the trail and boosting the local economy by a whopping £1,000,000. But more specifically St Elizabeth Hospice benefitted by £200,000 raised through sale of the final art pieces and merchandise.

We are very proud to have developed the PGW brand identity and provided all the marketing collateral design, pro bono. The event culminated with an exciting auction held at the Suffolk showground where the pigs were sold to the highest bidder. This is the presentation auction catalogue/official guide containing all the details for all the pigs. Thanks to all who supported this wonderful, cultural event.

Catalogues davenport


Bespoke kitchen range brochure

Their brochure displays the quality, design and finish of their craftsmanship through a perfect balance of large images, attention to detail and elegant copy. The format, feel and content exude the Davonport brand attributes - traditional quality with a contemporary edge.

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Catalogues davenport c
Catalogues kirton

Kirton Healthcare

Specialist seating catalogue

The flagship document of the Kirton range of literature we produce. This brochure presents the entire seating range available from Kirton and extends to 92 pages filled with every conceivable detail.

Carefully chosen locations and models for the photographic shoots ensure that year on year the brochure has a fresh feel.

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Kirton Healthcare

The Big Sensory catalogue

SensoryPlus is a division of The Kirton Healthcare Group and is one of the UK’s leading sensory equipment providers in the UK.

We have unified a disparate range of products, both manufactured and sourced, and via the catalogue illustrate the SensoryPlus teams expertise and knowledge of product and in design of environments.

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We have been working with Dapper since they began selling the best quality dog and cat leads, collars and other pet products in the UK. Great images of products, clear layouts with comprehensive, but legible information makes buying from their catalogue an easy task for any pet lover!



Welltex is a family run business that has been providing a single source of supply of furniture, equipment, blinds, curtains and bed linen to a variety of sectors for over 35 years. While growing rapidly, the company’s brand and marketing materials did not reflect the quality and values the company had developed.

We set about refreshing the visual identity to reflect Welltex’s development and upgraded marketing collateral to communicate the strength of the company’s offer. This was all brought together in a comprehensive product catalogue that combines all the product categories, vision and values. A second catalogue aimed specifically at addressing the growing importance of the hospitality market was also designed and produced.

Catalogues jim lawrence

Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironwork

16th Edition mail-order catalogue

We started working with Jim and Sheena Lawrence in 1998. The first catalogue we produced was just 24 pages and took a couple of days to shoot and a couple weeks to produce. This, the 16th edition has 208 pages, a months worth of photography and a good few hours of artwork. Baring in mind that the business is 100% mail order, the catalogue works extremely hard in presenting the company's products to the market.

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Catalogues midas

Midas Components

Product catalogue

Good, clear images and informative well laid out tables provide potential customers with all they need to purchase Midas products quickly and easily.

Catalogues midas b
Catalogues target

Target Sports

Darts range catalogue

Target are innovative in their approach to manufacturing darts and, as a result, there are many ranges of darts to present. Made from different materials, with various features and qualities - all with particular end users and customers in mind. Professional dart players are seen regularly on TV using Target darts, not to mention the soft tip darts for the Japanese, electronic game. Our catalogue is clear, concise and hits the bulls eye every time!

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Catalogues lightsense

LED Lightsense

LED lighting product catalogue

‘We make light, we make sense’ LED LightSense. When a technology is in its infancy, there is always confusion about product and performance. This company was founded as a result of the MD not being able to source suitable lighting for his property development – so he began to make his own! Taking the best bits of what was available and adding his own features to create the best products available.

Catalogues lightsense b
Catalogues ate

Anglia Towing Equipment

Towing products catalogue

Anglia Towing Equipment (ATE) are regarded as one of the most active and progressive independent distributors of parts and equipment for trailers and towed equipment. We were commissioned to design, artwork, manage and specify their 288 pages, hard back, Towing Equipment Handbook.

Our methodical approach towards production created a handbook that displayed, clearly and concisely, all of the details of each product with added checklists throughout so the reader is aided, informed and directed to the right product for them.

Catalogues rose

Rose Calendars

Calendar catalogue

Rose Calendars are proud to offer over a century of experience in designing, publishing and printing calendars. Our catalogue redefined the way information and images were displayed and presented a guide to the publishing process.

Catalogues rose b