A brand is a set of attributes and a promise made to customers and stakeholders that is shaped by behaviour and customer experience. It creates a series of associations and connotations in peoples’ minds in such a way that it persuades them, not only to buy, but to ‘buy into’ a particular product or service.

Brand identity is a component of the brand, but brand is more than just a logo!

Brand identity exists to reflect the brand’s attributes and characteristics, to help reinforce the promise and eventually give all who come into contact with it a visual shorthand. It is a brand’s attributes that determine whether people wish to engage with it or not. It’s about behaviour, personality, values benefits and differentiators – the who, what and why people choose a particular brand.

Barber Jackson’s Brand Spotlight process seeks to uncover the essence of your brand’s meaning. The answers it reveals can help to define your brand strategy. Ultimately it can help you understand where you are, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

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Alan Wright

Brand identity

Alan Wright ran a successful structural engineering business. In 1998 his ambition was to grow the business.

We developed a graphic device comprising three standing sections which when viewed from a certain angle, formed a capital ‘W’.

We made the device from many materials with which the company worked - stone, glass, metal and even topiary.

This brand identity has been given a second lease of life nearly 20 years after inception as Alan has resurrected his consultancy having spent the intervening years working in-house at larger practices.

Rt roofing

RT Roofing Services Limited

Brand identity

RT Roofing Services Limited is a family run business with many years experience in all types of roofing.

They realised that there was a disparity between their reputation and the way the business was presented.

The change began with the logo and soon attention was paid to vehicle livery, stationery, images of projects, company brochures etc.

The tone of voice has been honed to clarify the offer and the quality of all communications has been improved so that every touch-point now conveys a consistent image.



Brand identity

Scudamore’s is the oldest and largest punting company in Cambridge and, therefore, the world.

They are an important part of the history, heritage and fabric of Cambridge and punting is a ‘must do’ activity for visitors from all over the world.

Our task was to clearly define the meaning of the Scudamore’s brand and find ways to differentiate them that would be difficult for competitors to copy and to build awareness of Scudamore’s beyond the environs of Cambridge.

St elizabeth

St Elizabeth Hospice

Brand identity

What is St Elizabeth Hospice? It is a place where one can be!

When we asked what people loved about St Elizabeth Hospice, we were told that it is a place where they can be themselves, where they can be however they want to be; where they can just be.

These comments formed the basis of our concept – highlighting how, as a patron, family member, fundraiser or member of staff, one can be part of St Elizabeth Hospice.

The brand identity had to work across a range of communications; with people receiving devastating news, but equally with supporters wanting to put the fun into fundraising by sitting in a bathtub of beans!

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Talent for care

Talent for Care

Brand identity

The support workforce make up 40% of the total NHS workforce and provide around 60% of patient care, but this group receives less than 5% of the national training budget.

Various national, regional and local partners are working together to change the balance, to increase investment in the support workforce and to spread good practice and innovation.

We helped to develop the Talent for Care concept, name and brand identity and have been instrumental in delivering the communications strategy through consultation documents and events.

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Brands intro
Brands provide


Brand identity

Offering over 50 clinical and community services to hospital trusts and CCGs throughout the East of England – CECS (Central Essex Community Services), as the organisation was known, was no longer relevant and, in fact, inhibiting.

We were commissioned to take the organisation through our 8 stage 'Brand Spotlight' review and analysis programme.

The result was a new name: Provide, coupled with a vibrant new identity.

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Brands target


Brand identity

Target sports had been manufacturing darts for leading brands for 30 years. When they decided to launch their own brand they required a distinctive, dynamic identity that projected a modern image for the traditional British pub game. Surprisingly, their biggest market is in the Far East where the Japanese play electronic darts, predominantly with soft tips.

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Brands jim lawrence

Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironwork

Brand identity

The original Jim Lawrence logo had served the company well from the time the first candlesticks were made by Jim at his forge. The type style reflected the hand made artisan nature of the business.

Fifteen years on Jim Lawrence had become a well respected brand offering a vast range of home-ware products from electric lighting, window and door furniture to fabrics, curtains and cushions and the old logo did not reflect the change the company had undergone.

The new brand identity is a mark of quality, finesse and style. The unique typography echoes the individuality of the products. The addition of two words to the logo reminds customers that everything is still hand made in Suffolk.

Made by Jim Lawrence.

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Brands tes


Brand identity

TES provide safety critical staff for the rail industry. When we took the brief we were overwhelmed by the jargon, red tape and structure of the industry.

So we challenged this and presented a coherent, comprehensible identity. We took ownership of flourescent orange for the brand's colour, created a neat logo symbolic of railway tracks and simplified the company's offer to 5 words - Creating Safe Railway Working Environments.The effect of this re-positioning was astonishing, doors to top boardrooms, where far larger contracts were on offer, were suddenly opened to TES.

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Brands st nicholas hospice care

St Nicholas Hospice Care

Brand identity

We took the heartfelt and often joyous stories we heard while researching this project and provided St Nicholas Hospice with a voice to realy them to all those connected with this wonderful organisation. Through the use of the speech icons, every touch-point that patients, relatives, staff and the wider public have with St Nicholas Hospice Care is an opportunity to communicate their positive messages.

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Brands kirton

Kirton Healthcare

Brand management

Over the many years that we have worked with Kirton Healthcare, we have managed their brand, ensuring consistency in quality of presentation and communication of their ever-developing product range and business development. The brand development has evolved to reflect that growth and evolution for more than a decade.

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Brands harlow airspace

Harlow Group

Brand Identity

Over recent years Harlow Group have enjoyed continuous growth and much success under the guidance of the three owner/directors. However, this was not reflected in their image and identity, which tended towards a run of the mill engineering shop. Following a brand review with staff, suppliers and customers, we introduced a new more vibrant and dynamic identity to reflect the ambition and innovation present in the organisation.

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Brands martec


Brand identity

Martec operate in a world of bespoke precision engineering for mission critical applications. Their identity needed to reflect their exacting standards and build credibility with multi-national clients in defence, aerospace, subsea ad oil and gas sectors.

Brands midas


Brand identity

The Midas group of companies and associated identities had evolved from inception and after more than ten years there was little consistency. Presentation of the businesses no longer reflected their activities, aims or positioning.

A development in strategy from trade to end user supply provided the perfect opportunity to re-focus and re-present the business in a more cohesive, dynamic, and hi-tec way, reflective of their industry.

Brands colchester leisure world

Colchester Leisure World

Brand identity

Our brief was to develop a brand identity that highlighted the quality of service and facilities wherever there is a Leisure World touch-point.

This refreshing brand identity and the ethos it conveys has been applied throughout the leisure facility and across communication and promotional materials. The versatility of the brand identity made it cost effective to roll out across the extensive promotional and communication collateral required.

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Brands davonport


Brand identity

The thriving workshop, highly skilled craftsmen and team of expert designers all working to create bespoke, inspirational and enduring kitchens, was one of Colchester’s best kept secrets mainly due to Davonport being a trade provider.

The expansion plan and development of their range, products and offer enabled them to step into the world of retailing directly to the end user through their new showroom. This meant a rebranding process, but they wanted to work with a team capable of creating the impact for success in a new marketplace, while remaining sensitive to their current clients' needs.

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Brands maldon salt

Maldon Salt

Brand identity

We have helped The Maldon Crystal Salt Company to maintain and convey their brand values, developing this identity along with other marketing collateral to ensure that the messages of traditional production methods, purity of product and simple qualities associated with the brand are conveyed through everything customers come into contact with.